Friday, March 26, 2010

The Positive Cafe

Do you know about the Positive Vibe Cafe? If you do not, your taste buds are missing out! The menu features upscale, down home, healthy cooking that will please your palate and your pocketbook. Chefs from around Richmond contribute their time and talents to the restaurant. They fix everything from beef and buffalo to seafood and vegetarian dishes.

This restaurant is near and dear to my heart because of its mission: To provide training and meaningful employment in the food service industry to people with physical and intellectual disabilities. I spoke with its founder, Garth Larcen, last week at the Transition Forum. He said since 2004 more than 300 people (all with scholarships) have received hands-on training in all aspects of the restaurant business. The students also learn job-seeking skills. More than half of the employees volunteer their time to ensure that the restaurant achieves its goals.

If you live in the Richmond area, or when you are passing through, please stop in and see for yourself how fabulous this place is. Consider buying a copy of the recently published book that details the origins of why Garth founded Max's Positive Vibe Cafe.

In early May I will be taking my class to the restaurant to experience the food and the atmosphere. It is important that students with disabilities see people with disabilities active in the community. I want my students to have role models with disabilities. I want my students to dream big. By shooting for the moon, they might settle among the stars!

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